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4 Reasons why handcrafted bags are premium

Any designer or handcrafted bag is expensive, which is a well-known fact in the bag world. Have you ever wondered why? What adds to their value? And is it worth purchasing high-priced bags?

Let’s take a look at the reasons why certain bags are priced high:

Materials used for the bag – Quality of luxury bags produced are high as they use materials of highest quality and premium hardware embellishments to give the bags a longer life.

Skilled Labour – Every handcrafted bag is created by craftsmen who have mastered the required skill through years of practise. The cost of every hour spent on the bag is reflected on the price of the bag.

Originality – Every handcrafted bag is designed exclusively and there are usually only a limited number of pieces available. So while purchasing, you are also paying for the creative skills, ideas and the experience of the designers.

Limited Edition – Most bags by luxury brands produce only a few pieces of their design creating exclusivity over the bag. This increases their face value which can make it expensive.

We can say that luxury bags are at the end a result of exquisite quality of materials, craftsmanship and the value created by the designer makes certain bags expensive. But all the reasons result in creating a bag that lasts for decades without diminishing the value of the bag as well.


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