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Life lessons from Dad’s are a treasure that’s passed down over generations. While your Dad taught you how to make decisions about your investments, choices on food, and maybe even some relationship advice, We’ve made a list of how we can pick the right bag: from a dad’s pov.

1. Quality Check: Make sure to Check the quality and the craftsmanship behind the bags. Woven bags reflect a personal touch since each bag is made with absolute care.

2. Durability: The bags you use are closely linked to your memories. Check your bag’s resilience to make sure it stays with you for a long time. Give your bag another thumbs up if it’s hand-woven / Handmade.

3. Functionality: Choose bags that are appropriate to each occasion, Cross body bags, and totes generally go with every occasion. Choose a bag with fashion and functionality.

4. Staying unique: Every dad loves when their kid stands out in the crowd, You also don’t want to be stuck with a bag that is trendy and then out of style next season.

5. Being socially aware: Always be supportive of local craftsmen and choose sustainable options from brands who actually care about the above.

6. Choose what makes you, You: Make sure to pick a bag that makes you feel confident and stylish. After all, it’s your bag and you should love it!

Before regretting not following your dad’s advice, Check out products from Veev Bags that cover up every pointer mentioned above. We have a wide range of Handwoven bags made with sustainable Leather by Masters in making hand woven bags.

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