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A Guide to Effortless Styling

Chasing the minimalist Effortless lifestyle requires effort –  not in styling, but in acquiring the appropriate wardrobe accessories. Your bag is an important part of your overall outfit and it can reflect your personality.

Here are some pointers to help you choose the best bag for your minimal, subtle, and effortless fashion statements.

  1. Your choice of bag is often not pertained to one particular outfit, Choosing a bag that complements several outfits in a neutral, monochromatic tone is a great way to nail the effortless look. The bags from Veev’s Heritage series are designed in all soft hues ideal for effortless fashion.
  2. Choose Quality over quantity: Focus on buying fewer but high-quality pieces. A high-quality bag will naturally enhance your overall look.  Avoid artificial/synthetic leather and invest in genuine natural leather. Take a look at Veev’s heritage collection of bags made from naturally processed leather.
  1. Always opt for bags with a timeless design to stay on trend. Totes, Baskets, and clutches are always in style. Check out Veev’s Shore Basket bag.
  2. Choose handbags that were crafted with compassion by skilled artisans. Not only do you carry a bag, but also the feelings associated with the craft of bag making. Every handmade bag has its own personality. The Sandy Basket bag is a product of meticulous work and skill.


Veev’s Heritage Collection is carefully curated with various bags that are perfect as your go-to accessory for simple elegance.

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