Our Story

The story of VEEV is almost a century old. The handcrafted leather bag maker celebrates the time-honoured weaving techniques born in the vibrant villages on the Coromandel coast and takes them to the world. Made by a strong community of local women weavers each bag is an ode to the progressive women of the world. Untouched by machines it is softly textured, and designed to drape gracefully on her. Characterised by indigenous weaving textures, alluring colours with the delicate weft and warp of unique patterns, the bags are made to last. Every VEEV bag is closely monitored to uphold its strong values of craftsmanship, quality and authenticity. Committed to providing sustainable jobs to generations of women weavers who live here, VEEV is working towards building a conscious brand with zero-waste. VEEV has pledged to be a 100% sustainable and organic by 2025.

“Our mission is to inspire women to achieve all that she wants for herself, her community and her planet.”

Prakash Venkatesan • CEO/ PARTNER

Our Bags

The only constant in this world is the weft and warp of life itself, and to embrace that is to embrace the purpose of our being. At VEEV, we believe that love, care and conscious living is the key to the future. Our products are made, keeping in mind this interconnectedness. The entire cycle of making the bag is monitored every time to continually reduce our carbon footprint.

Our products are designed by a team of passionate designers from Spain and handmade by a vibrant community of expert craftswomen living for generations across the coromandel coast. Along with our growing community of weavers, VEEV supports and nurtures traditional weaving practices. Our leather is carefully sourced and colour-washed with natural vegetable dyes for the perfect shine and texture. Each handbag is thoughtfully cleansed and gently scrubbed to soften its touch and feel before it is finally ready to be the perfect arm candy to the VEEV woman.

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