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Throughout the decades of fashion, we’ve seen various styles of bags come and go. In a world run by fast fashion, some fashion styles stayed throughout the changes unwavering by every trend that has passed. Hand-woven bags in Leather are one of the styles that made it through.

Handwoven leather bags are crafted by local artisans who are highly skilled and experienced in traditional weaving techniques perfected and passed on through generations in the community.

Over the years, these traditional weaving techniques were modernised by experimenting with different techniques and creating new designs incorporating the traditional weaves in modern styles.

Traditional weaving techniques had great influence on modern styles. The brightly coloured weaves of various cultures, combinations of weaves of different countries are some major sources of inspiration for every designer.

Designers now create styles with a fusion of traditional weaves and modern styles. For instance, Hand woven leather bags combine the luxury of leather with the craftsmanship of handweaving.

When mass production died down and the need for sustainable options grew popular, Hand-woven leather bags were made consciously safe for the environment throughout the entire production process from tanning of leather to making the bags making the style undying.

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