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Handmade products, Homegrown brands promoting sustainability and conscious living might be a common sight now but a few years or even decades back the weaving community was on the verge of being extinct and women played the major role in keeping it alive.

Before Industrialisation, where women weren’t allowed to work outside and were limited by societal norms. Weaving was initially considered to be a part of a woman’s domestic duties but this also served as a source of income to support their families in need.

That came to a downfall when mass production began, the world became fast-paced and handcrafted products were left behind along with the community who kept it alive. While some craftsmen gave up and moved on, few artisans remained keeping the community to sustain.

Greater awareness towards craftsmanship, quality and the shift towards sustainable fashion choices is now bringing back the demand for handcrafted products. Innovative designs and improvisation on traditional techniques gave weaving a place in times of fast fashion.

Women community of weavers through their accumulated experience over years have made weaving thrive and are at the core of preserving our cultural heritage.

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