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No matter how dynamic trends can be, there is always a spot for Leather Bags – the natural grain texture,the aroma and the subtle natural finish due to the tanning are inimitable. However not all bags carry every attribute and it can be difficult to identify a fine leather bag as more bags are sold by brands promising top quality.

Here are few tips from a craftsman point of view to identify a good quality Leather bag:

Texture : Feel the textures of the bag with your fingers. Good quality leather has a subtle smoothness and naturally feels thick. A low-quality leather will have creases in the curves and may feel thin or light.
Stitches : Naturally, each stitch should be straight and uniformly spaced throughout; pay attention to the gaps between each stitch; the smaller the gaps, the better. Keep a look out for uneven or crooked stitches, which indicate poor craftsmanship.
Embellishments : Most embellishments are made of metal. A good craftsmanship is reflected in what kind of metal is used, the look, the colour of the fittings that goes in harmony with the shade of leather. The heavier the fittings are, the more durable the bag is.
Edges : A well-crafted bag always has a finished edge, it prevents excess moisture to the leather and a smooth curve to the edges giving it a luxurious look.

A bag can make or break your outfit. Investing in a Leather bag made out of ethical and expert craftsmanship is a promise for high-quality bags with extended lifetime.

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