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Our brand’s meticulous design process transforms creative ideas into tangible, woven masterpieces. This journey blends inspiration, innovation, and craftsmanship to create bags that are beautiful, functional, and sustainable. Here’s an inside look at each step of our process.

Drawing Inspiration:

Our design process begins by immersing ourselves in diverse sources of inspiration. Nature, cultural motifs, historical art, and contemporary trends all play a role in sparking our creativity. This exploration phase is about gathering a rich palette of ideas and concepts.

Generating Forms and Silhouettes:

With inspiration in hand, we translate ideas into tangible forms and silhouettes through sketching and digital rendering. We focus on aesthetics and functionality, ensuring each design is visually appealing and practical. This collaborative phase involves refining concepts until they achieve perfect harmony and balance.

Craftsmanship and Production:

The final step is transforming these designs into woven bags. Our skilled artisans use traditional weaving techniques and modern innovations to craft each piece with precision and care. We carefully select durable and sustainable vegetable tanned leather, reflecting our commitment to ethical fashion. The result is a timeless, uniquely modern product.


Our design process celebrates creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship. By drawing inspiration from the world, crafting forms and silhouettes, and bringing these designs to life, we create more than just accessories—they are pieces of art. Explore our collection to carry a piece of artistry wherever you go.

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