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Weaving a way of life.

From the classical to the modern era, the art of weaving has grown significantly without losing the core essence. Understanding an art form leads to understanding certain ways of life and the emotions of a being.

Weaving involves interlacing strands of fibers to create textiles, bags or even toys. Each weave is made with foresight, carefully numbered strands each of equal width woven together to create beautiful shapes.

Even though the process of weaving might involve repetitive steps, it requires absolute focus and patience to bring the output in thought to a reality. Such craftsmanship is excelled over years of practice.

While one may find it repetitive, weavers focus only on the next step rather than worrying about how many more. Focusing on what’s happening right now is the most important step in fulfilling your dreams.

Each type of weave has its own significance. A flower knot weave is a knot made by bringing together the intertwined strands to form a flower shape, weaving together the emotions of the weaver and the strength of a passionate heart on each flower knot.

The work of skilled craftsmen always speaks for itself. Handmade crafts are always the work of a passionate heart with love for their craft.


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