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Winter Care for your Leather bags

Be it your skin or clothes, everything around us requires a little extra care in the winter as the humidity drops low. Leather bags need special care in winter to keep them in their best shape.

As the weather gets colder, you may notice some shrinkage or formation of mold on leather, these can make bags go out of shape and reduce their shelf life. Here are some tips to follow to make your leather bags last longer:

Wipe the layer of your Leather bags with a Muslin Cloth to remove dirt/dust, it is gentle on the leather to clean and maintain the leather’s natural polish.

Fill the bag with butter paper or bubble wrap inside to retain the shape of the bag, avoid using newspapers as the ink tends to stain on the leather.

Remember that leather was once skin, it requires as much care as you give to your skin. Apply a layer of leather conditioner, leave it for 30 minutes, and wipe it with a muslin cloth to recondition the leather.

Store your leather bag covered with cloth bags and avoid using plastic or sealed packages. This helps the leather to breathe and keep moisture at bay.

Avoid exposure to sunlight as it may cause discoloration, store it in a cool and dark place.


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