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ALL ABOUT SLINGS: Why it is a staple accessory for every women?

Whether it’s for work, casual day outs, shopping or classes, sling bags always make it work. Slings are usually oblongly shaped and attached with a long strap to comfortably wear across the chest.

Over the years, it has taken various shapes and sizes and has been re-designed in different materials and patterns as well. It is now made specifically for sports, travel, fashion, everyday wear, etc.,

Messenger bags and Sling bags are often used synonymously, but they are not the same. While there is still ambiguity in the definition, the common understanding is that messenger bags are generally bigger in size and are more spacious than sling bags.

When you must carry along a few essentials that are too much for a pocket to fit in and too less for a Tote or a backpack, Sling bags come to the rescue.┬áIt becomes a great accessory to put in your pocketable items. It’s much easier to find that ChapStick inside a sling rather than rummaging through your backpack.

Based on the occasion, slings can be worn in different styles. The most common and casual style is wearing it across the chest in the front. It can be slid to the back while jogging, cycling or traveling for better comfort.

Slings are now available with various options and features to choose from according to the occasion and purpose you want them to serve. Some features to look out for are: Adjustable handles, Inner compartments to stay organized, Fabric/Material used and the craftsmanship of the sling.


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