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Style the cold away

Winter is coming. The season of cozy nights, holidays, family time, and vacations is here. Styling of outfits changes according to how the weather changes, we move more towards dark shades of clothing with more layering. This also changes how we pick our bags to go well with winter outfits.

Winter calls for more skincare and thicker clothes to keep you warm. Scarves, lotions, snacks, and other essentials, to carry these it’s better to opt for a bigger-sized bag. A large-sized Tote or a Hobo would be perfect to carry these in style

One of the recent trends in bags is having a smaller pouch attached to the Tote or Hobo to store things that need easy access like your wallet, keys, phone, or even ChapStick. Look out for bags with a small pouch for a more practical and fashionable style.

Dark shades are usually worn more during winter. Black leather jackets, Long coats, and puffed-up jackets are some go-to fashion choices in winter.

While opting for bags in shades of darker brown, Black and neutral tones has been a norm, don’t shy away from choosing vibrant colours. Vibrant colours create a beautiful contrast from your neutral outfit creating statement wear effortlessly.

Timeless vintage silhouettes are an easy bet during winter, Classic Totes, Hobo bags, and clutches are some must-haves for your winter wardrobe to effortlessly nail your outfits all time round the year.


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