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Veg Tanned Leather vs Chrome Tanned Leather

Veg-tanned leather or chrome-tanned leather? Which is better? What should you be buying? Let’s understand the main differences between the two and find your preferred leather for your next purchase.

Veg-tanned leather is made using natural resources like Tree tannins and water, initially, this was the only method of tanning used. Chrome Tanned leather uses chromium sulfate salt for tanning, this was introduced only around the 1840s to speed up the process of tanning.

Most vegan leather “synthetic faux leather” are lookalikes of Chrome tanned leather because it’s easy to replicate the texture but it’s almost impossible to fake the texture of a veg tanned leather with synthetic due to the richness and depth of colors from the natural tannins.

A feature that’s noticed right away is that Chrome-tanned leather feels soft to the touch from day one whereas veg-tanned leather softens over its usage over the years.

Another distinguishing feature between these two is how well they age over years of usage and development of Patina, this happens gracefully over years only in veg-tanned leather.

Most products made from veg-tanned leather, with proper care last for decades as it gets only better as it ages. While in the case of chrome-tanned leather, over years, the product tends to crease and change shape as it’s used and it roughly lasts for around 20 years.

Each type of Leather has its charms, so there is no answer to the question of which is better.  There are a few brands that combine both and give you the best of both worlds as well! It’s all based simply on your purpose and preferences for leather.


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